dineke blom

- Text accompanying the drawings of Harmonious Blacksmith, 2014-15

- Background, artist page for De Salon, in Mr Motley (2015)

- "Stepping Inside the Blacksmith's Shop", a lecture by Dineke Blom, Cranbrook Academy of Art, April 2013:

- Articles on Romanov Grave by Dineke Blom

"Collaborate, Contaminate, Care"

"Mud, Silence, Soft Violence" (2014), with co-author Arnout ter Haar

"Utopia in Red Light District"

"Kunstvlaai: Festival of Independents"

"Notes on Documenta (13)"

- In 2004 Attached / Salt and Soap was published by De Weideblik. Two series of drawings by Dineke Blom: Attached (1996-98) and Salt and Soap (2002-03) are presented in one volume, together with their sources of inspiration. Irene Veenstra, art historian, wrote an introductory essay on Dineke Blom's drawings, and discusses their place within the tradition of drawing. You can order this book online at www.weideblik.com. Here you can read a conversation between Dineke Blom and Irene Veenstra, published in the book.